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Saga Beach: This remote beach along Lake Tanganyika boasts miles of powdery, white sand and clear, turquoise waters. It’s thought to be one of the best beaches in East Africa.

Burundi recreations are various and the country offers numerous sources of entertainment options to spice up a simple vacation to an extraordinary one.

Burundi sports activities is an important source of recreation in Burundi and the travelers can simply indulge themselves in various sports. The Ministry of youth, culture and sports of Burundi promotes various recreational activities along with the modern sports. Soccer is the main sport and is a great source of recreation in Burundi. Basketball is even simultaneously gaining popularity.

Burundi has a rich cultural heritage of folk art which forms an integral part of Burundi recreation. The dance forms and local music of Burundi is amazing and the visitors can enjoy the various musical forms of this country. Drumming forms an important part of recreation and is usually played in family and social gatherings.

Shopping is also a great way to hang out while traveling in Burundi. The country offers numerous attractive craft works which can be carried back as mementos while visiting this country.

Nightlife in Burundi is great as the country boasts of a range of good quality restaurants and pubs which make excellent chill out zones. Thus Burundi leisure options galore and the visitors can choose any one of them to unwind themselves.