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DR Congo Eco-Friendly Volunteers


Green hills ecotours( Treks & Expedition)  conducts special Volunteering Programs in Rwanda. The main objective is to provide opportunities to the guests, who genuinely are interested in gaining cultural experience by contributing their time and skills to the needy community groups in Rwanda. By sharing each other’s knowledge and cultural backgrounds, the volunteer’s time will be worthwhile and the community will be benefited by the knowledge of the volunteer. We can place volunteers throughout the kingdom in villages, but also in the cities.

Eco Volunteerism is a non-profit social program led by Green Hills Ecotours, the program works through volunteers to conserve the environment, improve communities’ economies, and give Rwandan children a better life. We offer volunteers real immersion in various local ecosystems and communities. Some of our projects are urban and others are off-the-grid in the Rwandan rural villages.  With such a wide variety of programs to choose from, we have something to offer every volunteer.

The unique ecosystem in Rwanda enables visitors to find forests, mangroves, and the Andes “páramo”… a spot of high biodiversity.

What is our vision? we want to help our volunteers and the local communities and ecosystems our volunteers support.

Feel free to contact us at any time at ecotours@gmx.com with questions about how we can make your trip the best volunteer experience possible.

Trips range generally from 1-12 weeks and cost an average of 400 USD/week. The cost includes airport pickup, breakfast and dinner each day, and lodging with a local host family.

Teaching English

You will stay with a Rwanda family near the school and will give classes between 2 to 6 hrs per day, 6 days a week, to students ranging in age between 10 to 25.

Working in an Orphanage
You can be placed in the orphanage or in a host family and have to take care of the orphans as the older sibling.

School & Community Maintenance Program
You will stay with a Rwandan family in the village and be involved in painting, building and repairing of school and other buildings.

Art: You will be able to take part in workshops of woodcarving, paintings in canvas, confection of signs, drawings, murals, etc. all of which will be exhibited in our country estate.

Other Volunteering Programs can be
Health education/direct support
Community development
Supporting other organizations (NGOs)                                                                                                                                                                                            Water sports, Yoga, massage practitioner                                                                                                                                                                                Quality Control & Service                                                                                                                                                                                                             Computer skills and Recycling

     Possibilities of involving in local festivals, rituals and ceremonies during your stay.
     An attractive itinerary will be made as per your requirements.

Duration: 1 week to 5 months
No. of participants: 1-6

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Sustainable Ecotourism with Green Hills Ecotours

We offer volunteer projects focusing on ecological conservation, teaching English, ecotourism, social and community programming, organic farming, and healthcare,we welcome any skills that you may have that you can teach – (e.g cooking, baking, fitness, martial arts, music, sports, and more..) We invite interested volunteers to visit our volunteer website (coming soon) for a more complete description of all projects available at any given time.  Volunteer projects are open to everyone – children under 18 are welcome to attend if accompanied by an adult.

Volunteers stay in a volunteers’ house or with host families depending on the project.

Come and visit us and get to know more about our project and dreams and goals. We promise to help make your time here in Rwanda  extra special and memorable. For Unique Volunteering Experience contact us at: ecotours@gmx.com or  + 250 788 21 9495