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Lake kivu – Rwanda

Lake kivu – Rwanda

 Explore Lake Burera and Ruhondo – rwanda 

The lake covers a total surface area of some 2730 km2 and stands at a height of 1463 m above sea level. Lake Kivu is a shared resource between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The lake bed sits upon a rift valley that is slowly being pulled apart, causing volcanic activity in the area, and making it particularly deep: its maximum depth of 485 m is ranked eighteenth in the world. The lake is surrounded by majestic mountains.

Lake Kivu is the perfect place to relax and take in some sun.

Kivu Leisure – Tourism activities
Kivu Swimming: Lake Kivu is probably one of the unique lakes in Africa, where you can safely swim:
-No crocodiles-No hippopotamus-No bilharzias
-Pleasant surface temperatures throughout the year from 23°C to 27°C
-No gas outburst: the methane is trapped below 260 m and far away from the shores
Kivu Water sports: Kayaking, wind surfing, catamaran and jet-ski. The equipment can be hired at Kivu Serena in Gisenyi. Kayaks can also be hired in Moriah Hills in Kibuye. And for more information contact: ecotours@gmx.com
Visit one of the beautiful Kivu islands
-Visit Napoleon Island near Kibuye, home to thousands of bats
-Camping, relaxation  at Green Hills Eco-Lodge on Gihaya Island near Rusizi and Bukavu
-Relax on the island from ParadisMalahide Hotel in Gisenyi
-Visit the inhabitants of Bugarama,Nkomboand IdjwiIslands
Kivu Fishing :The isambaza are attracted by the petrol lights from the fishermen at night. During full moon, fishing is therefore not possible.
-Join the fishermen for an evening on their boat to learn more about their traditional techniques
-Listen to the fishermen singing as they paddled in and out their landing sites
-Watch the isambaza fishing boats with their beams and telescopic poles during the day along the shores.
-Taste the isambaza and tilapia fishes in local restaurants
Kivu Boat rides:  -Hire the speed boat “Munezero” from Rwanda Development Board in Gisenyi
-Hire local pirogues
-Use the pirogues from the public transport
The Congo-Nile Trail: Cycling, hiking or driving along the Congo-Nile Trail. This 227 km long trail runs from Gisenyi to Kamembe along the scenic shores of Lake Kivu.
Cycling along Livu:
-Hire orCycle with bicycle Green Hills Ecotours’ guides and porters along the Congo-Nile trail
Nyiragongo Volcano – the world largest lava lake
-Hike on the Niyragongo Volcano (1500 m of denivellation)
-Camp in the bandas at the top (3500 m) and admire the lava lake
-The smoke from the volcano during the day and its glow at night can be observed in Gisenyi, Kibuye and as far as Nyungwe Forest

Gorillas expeditions:
-Track Mountain Gorillas either in Ruhengeri Rwanda or in DRC
-Track Lowland Gorillas near Bukavu

Montane Rain Forests
-Hike in Nyungwe Forest and experience its new canopy walk
-Hike in the Gishwati Forest, a new conservation area
-Track the chimpanzees

Other points of interests in Rwanda
-Hot springs: in Nyambyumba and Bugarama
-Mount Karongi and -Bisesero Resistance Hill and memorial site
L’Espérance Orphanage, based on the principle of being self-sufficient.
-King Musinga memorial tree and Shangi historical sites
-Visit pigmy communities; Experience pottery & banana beer making and Visit Coffee & Tea plantations 

Explore Lake Burera and Ruhondo, Green Hills Ecotours co-operates with local people who use traditional fishing methods at the twin lakes Burera and Ruhondo. The work is carried out either from the lake shore or from self-made traditional canoes that consist of a single piece of wood.Visit an island, where you will get a boat or dugout canoe ride to the respective island in lakes Ruhondo and Burera. Enjoy the nice scenery and excellent birding opportunities. Have a picnic on the island. Discover nature in traditional canoes, enjoy the beautiful scenery and views to Volcanoes.