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Ruvubu National Park – burundi

Ruvubu National Park is considered the largest national park in Burundi covering 508km2. Ruvubu National Park covers a significant amount of land on both sides of the Ruvubu River, situated in the eastern Burundi.

According to the records available at the Office of Tourism in Burundi, Ruvubu National Park was set up in the year 1980 and is the homeland of some of the most striking flora and fauna.

It is this flora and fauna that makes Ruvubu National Park standout among all the other Burundi tourist attractions.

Wildlife in the Ruvubu National Park consists of animals like hippopotamus, buffalo, crocodiles, leopard, monkeys, antelope and lion.

Bird lovers will have a marvelous time in the Ruvubu National Park as more than 425 species of birds thrive in this park making it all the more attractive.

The Ruvubu National Park aims to preserve the endangered species of animals and birds. Human habitation had been evacuated from the park so that the different wildlife species could thrive well.

The Ruvubu National Park of Burundi is easily accessible by road as it lies about 216 km away from Bujumbura and the park itself has about 50 kilometer of tracks.

Recently camping facilities for the visitors have been added making it more attractive to adventure lovers.

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