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About Smart Children Family:

Green Hills Ecotours started this program of Smart Children Family with the purpose of allowing children to participate actively in the promotion of positive values, rehabilitation of future personal lives. Our aim is that after short time our program will reach the wide area and to many people in need and its achievements to safeguard the right and the value of children are present in an objective and observable. We will do everything possible to enlarge the scope and increase the number of partner. Our philosophy stands on increasing the health, enhance the education and develop the skills of low-income and underprivileged youth by providing funds to enable them to enjoy their right to a full life standard.

Our inspiration comes from different points but most of all, we were touched by miserable lives of children rejected and orphaned during the Genocide in Rwanda and wars in DRCongo. “The world should be united to take care of these who born in poor families and support them for building a brighter future. We have to share all fortune because they didn’t choose to born in poor families”- Smart Children Family is a bridge from a miserable and darkness life to a brighter healthy future: said Innocent Twagirumukiza, who is a father of Smart Children Family has passed and survived all challenges during 1994 Genocide, After experiencing all kind of suffering this is time to remember and change lives of those who stay in difficult situations and living a deeply painful life. In founding this, Innocent belief and strongly convinced that Everyone’s mission on this planet; is to “Do all the best to share& look after each other with your neighbors, protect our planet and keep it safe to the next generations.

“Humanitarian spirit has forced me to make a move for vulnerable children by promoting adequate standard of living: Innocent said

Our mission is to create a safe family, taking care, educate and empower children, to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict, wars and disease in disadvantaged communities.

Smart Children Family’s vision is to create a healthy and safe world through the power of games and education and to protect and enhance human dignity. We will be known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to defending the dignity; develop talents and fighting illiteracy of children by making them self-sufficient and contributors in social sustainable development.

Smart Children Family Values:

CARE: We take care for children living in miserable life.

Commitment We’re committed to defending the dignity; develop talents and fighting illiteracy of children. We act with honesty and integrity.

Excellence and difference: We constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact.

VOLUNTEER WITH SMART CHILDREN FAMILY: We are always looking for passionate volunteers to assist us in our charitable activities.


Since 2012, Green Hills Ecotours has started a new program initiative of sharing our tourism profits through the program called SMART CHILDREN FAMILY that is running and take care of Children in both countries in Rwanda and DRCongo.  As we are worried about the future of these young generation facing and living this miserable life, we felt that is our role to start and give our contribution to those in need transforming their lives for a brighter future.

By our small meaning and donations from people around the world we tried to help some kids to join school; during the insecurity period in eastern DRC we provided food to hundreds children who were lost and some of the family received our supports to start their own small micro-projects, but still the community today lives in extreme poverty because of the non- existence of activities that can generate revenue for them.

Green Hills Ecotours is all about the involvement of communities in activities and in taking a lead to positively contribute to the region poverty reduction strategy through a better environmental protection.

This led to meet a great public behavioural Change challenges in the form of environment problem understanding, since the issue is crucial.

As we all know, community development contributes to great advantages, such as health, education, environment and jobs creation, which generate various resources.

Therefore, we would like to intervene as an organization in tourism promotion, by adopting the ecotourism mechanism of protection and conservation of natural resources.

Our aim and contribution is specially to offer these vulnerable people in our communities, opportunities of fighting poverty though ecotourism development in rural villages and around the protected areas and forests.

Therefore Green Hills Eco Tour will help create activities that can generate income and train the community to meet customer expectations.

Green Hills Ecotours suggest assistance not only material, but mostly get them help themselves; self-resilience and to avoid eternal dependence; because we say << If you give me a fish I eat one day, but if you teach me how to fish I will eat forever >>. We try to raise awareness and show them the need for self-care.

This being so, we ask people of good will to support this idea that we got to make it clear to Vulnerable people, they are not different from other people and they can do better without underestimated.

To eradicate all the trauma and trends going in their areas; we propose:

Vacation training (develop talents); Learn trades: carpentry, bricklaying, sewing, basketry, mechanic, etc. ..

Helping to educate their children.

Create activities of Revenue-generating: example: Moulin (grounder machine of making flour in cassava, maize, sorghum); grant bicycles for transportation of property to the steps; a compressor for tire repair, carpentry shop, and sewing;

In the sector of community and cultural based tourism which is still unknown in the region; we would also like to establish a tourist village to the demonstration of their culture with a group of traditional dancers and we will develop homestays where their can host visitors want to experience their lifestyle.

This program allow us to create environment where we will give preliminary notions specifically on children’s development on the economic, intellectual, moral, physical, mental, etc. we have to help them bringing them back to smile, Have hope and educate and inspire them be determined with a vision for their brighter future.

Green Hills Ecotours encourage any and every one to lend him a hand to do in conscientious and responsible eco-tourism.  Build a tourism that benefit the local life and economy as it is our aim to uniting conservation community; Communities and sustainable travel.

Whether your visit to these villages and interact with Kids or a contribution to their well-being.

We highly appreciate your generous support in transforming lives of these vulnerable people.

If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer or give your donation, send an email to: ecotours@gmx.com