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About Uganda


Uganda experiences a temperate climate even though the majority of the country is within the Tropics with temperatures between 16 – 26’C for the majority of the year(April – November). However, during the warmer months (December – March) temperatures reach in excess of 30’C.


Approximately 31,367, 972 (2008 est) with a 3.6 percent population growth.

People and culture

Uganda has long been a cultural melting pot, as evidenced by the existence of more than 30 different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups, and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art and handicrafts.

Ecologically, Uganda is where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle. Where else but in this uniquely lush destination can one observe lions prowling the open plains in the morning and track chimpanzees through the rainforest undergrowth the same afternoon, then the next day navigate tropical channels teeming with hippos and crocodiles before setting off into the misty mountains to visit the majestic mountain gorillas? Uganda is the only safari destination whose range of forest primates is as impressive as its selection of plain antelopes. Besides the wide biodiversity, Uganda is also blessed with a vast bird population of more than 1,000 species.

Do you want to have the real African Lifetime experience? Green Hills Ecotours specializes in scheduled and tailor-made private safaris in Uganda and across East Africa. We aim to offer our clients an experience that will transform their lives and those of local communities. You will have a unique opportunity to explore the fabulous natural treasures of the region, and you can help to empower local communities by visiting their development projects or gain first-hand experience through a volunteerism program.

Our UgandaEco Tours & Safari Holidays can start and end at any point of your choice.

All of our tours are private & can be customized to your style, schedule & budget.

For more details and booking please contact: ecotours@gmx.com.