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Sunday , 21 July 2024

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Make a Difference with Green Hills Ecotours

TRANSFORM LIVES; Green Hills Ecotours invites all friends, travelers and ONG to visit our projects and feel free to be involved in the projects of their interests.

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Give Your Ideas and Legacies

Practical Action is all about using simple ideas.  Working with poor people in the developing world to address their problems, building on their existing knowledge and skills to develop simple, sustainable solutions.

In my childhood My Father used tell me:” Do all the best to every peron as you can, no matter which color; sex, age,and where he/she come from; share all you have everwhere you pass because you never know where you will be in the coming moment”. To live Peace & Love, we simply have to love our neighbors and strive to make this planet much better safe than we found it. For Christians the Bible says that when Jesus returns back we will be acoumptable in everything we did.(I came to your Home as a poor and you didn’t know me. Those who was given many will be asked many: Read in Bible)

Give as you Travel with Green Hills Ecotours or shop

Just book one of the tour that takes you to our communities socio-projects where your visit will directly benefit to the locals; to the economic development and environment conservation.

You can also make your contribution by shopping one of souvenirs made locally by our community members. The Money you give goes to them and help to transform their lives.

Give Money or Materials for good use

You can give money or materials that all will be highly appreciated  and we guarantee you that your donation will be used for right things and in correct ways. A transparent report on how we use your donations will be sent to you by our managment team.

Where your money goes

For every $1 that you give, 78p goes directly into our operational programmes, 15p is used to generate future revenue so our projects can help even more people, and 7p goes towards statutory management and admin.

78p: Programme work

15p: fundraising

7p: Statutory managment and admin

Get involved

There are lots of exciting ways you and your friends can get involved to raise money and awareness for our life changing work through our Community-based Ecotourism projects and help the visionary Green Hills Ecotours to achieve its ambition of reducing poverty around the world, and fulfill a lifetime dream at the same time.

Would your Church; religious group; ONG; School; friends or Your family be willing to support us to help poor men, women and children lead a secure and healthier future?

For any role and skills that you may want to bring in this, will be highly appreciated. We’re proud of using your knowledge to get on our taget and it’s in our pleasure to make a Family for all people Joining us to this lifetime  journey making a difference with us.

For more details; comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to call: +250 788 21 9495 or email us at: ecotours@gmx.com

PARTNER with GREEN HILLS ECOTOURS                                                                                                                       We cooperate with very reputable Tour Operators and Travel Agents in the UK,France,China,Canada,USA,,Australia, Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania and many  more and have been their reliable ground hander since our establishment. For all our Partners, We are honored to be their reliable ground handler in Rwanda, Congo, & Burundi.

Are You looking for a Representative for Your Organization in East Africa? Green Hills Ecotours is available for helping you to achieve on your goals.

We are waiting to give you an added value service, We save your time; we make sure everything you have is what you asked for. We hope that we know this region well enough to offer you exactly what you need for exactly what money you are ready to spend. Thank you very much; we hope to meet you soon!

For more detailed informationl, build colaboration, make reservation contact:  +250 788 21 9495                                                                   E-mail: rwandacongotours@gmail.com or ecotours@gmx.com


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