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  • Visit Nyungwe - The ideal place for adventure!

  • Experience the night fishing experience with Green Hills Ecotours

  • All the guides we use are absolutely top class, with brilliant birding and people skills. And our office team is efficient and incredibly enthusiastic, leaving those who approach us in no doubt that we truly enjoy helping you

  • Visiting the virunga volcanoes immerses one in the intimacy of the rich green rain forest, alive with the calls of colourful birds and the chattering of primates

  • The best way we explore Rwanda culture & Lifestyle

  • Rwanda finest tea in the world

About Us

Group Policies

Small Groups: The maximum limit for each group is twenty people. We run group tours for as few as two people. Traveling in small groups gives participants the opportunity to get to know one another and also allows for more flexibility and spontaneity.

Single Travelers: Some people join our tours with a companion; others come on their own. We have substantial experience working with single travelers. Our tours are often the beginning of lasting friendships between tour operators and tourists.

For All Ages: Our tours are designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. East Africa is a fascinating destination that offers a memorable travel experience.  Whether in the city or countryside, there is always something to interest young and old alike and to inspire a spirit of adventure.

Our tours can be made to suit any budget. It is our policy to keep our prices as low as possible and to thereby make our tours available to anyone who has the dream of visiting Africa.

In addition to our tours, we are happy to assist travelers in booking hotels, Air tickets and organizing airport transfers. We can arrange for our drivers to pick you up at any given point and bring you to the destination of your choice.

We are also available for interpretation and translation services.

Green Hills Ecotours offers services to travelers as well as to tour operators and travel agents.

For more detailed information and for reservations please contact us

Tel: +250 788 21 9495  & +250 722 22 0000                                                                                                                   

E-mail: rwandacongotours@gmail.com or ecotours@gmx.com