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Visit Western Rwanda on foot & bike – Experience Rwanda local lifestyle!

Visit Western Rwanda on foot & bike – Experience Rwanda local lifestyle!

This amazing pack offers a combined hiking, cycling, boat ride and 4×4 drive experiences and a full Lake Kivu exploration from Shores to Islands although coffee, Banana and tea plantations, community initiatives and islanders history and culture.

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An incredible 5 days journey

Day One

Start by a loop trail from Gisenyi, cycle toThe Pfunda tea plantation, the trip is a unique eco tourism attraction due to its accessibility and permanent contact with local community. From tea leaves to cup, the experience is amazing. From there, switch to rough roads and head into the Gishwati natural forest and loop back to Gisenyi though the Bralirwa bay (About 38 kms).

Day Two

Trip includes interaction with local community in the city market, Rubona hill with the scenic view of Goma and Gisenyi towns with the Nyiragongo volcano in background, swimming or playing beach volley on Lake Kivu beach and the Nyamyumba hot springs (Nyamyumba hot springs is a natural attraction with high tourism potential and widely-known in the region for its multple medicinal virtues. This hot springs will enable relaxing while taking a swim in the heated waters of the adjacent Lake Kivu.

Day Three

The overnight go fishing trip; the Lake Kivu traditional fishing is one of best eco tourism activity which offer you the chance to experience the everyday living of fisherman on the North West shores, the boat design and the fishing method hasn’t change for centuries.

We’ll come pick you up in the morning for a tropical unforgettable breakfast in one of the most rated hotel in Rwanda. In the afternoon, depending on your energy level, we can take you for a boat ride to the Cyimbiri Coffee washing station to experience the coffee crop to cup process,

Day Four

Cycle the coffee route from Gisenyi to the Nkora Market Just on Lake Kivu shores, the Nkora market offers one of African best colorful exchange place. The market which opens only on Tuesday and Friday reflect the originality of Lake Kivu shores people lifestyle, head to Kinunu coffee washing station for the full coffee washing experience. (On Lake Kivu shores, the Kinunu coffee washing station offers camping and accommodation facilities)

Boat ride from Kinunu coffee washing station to Napoleon island (The famous bats island); This Island is shaped as the Napoleon hat, offering hiking and hill climbing possibilities. At the foot of the peak, thousands of bats have found their home, darkening the sky when people approach too close. The Island is surrounded by several beautiful other Islands among them the Rutembagara Island in turtle shape and Mbabara Island with more than 2213 inhabitants.

Just 10 miles away is Kibuye city center, great place for kayaking and islands tour. Pack a lunch and enjoy the kayaking island tour. If you’d like some more biking, there is a nice loop up to the furthest source of the great river Nile in Nyungwe National park through Gisovu tea plantation scenic view and finally the overnight tradition dance to Mugonero Esperance camp base.

Day Five

Ride a Boat from Mugonero to Shangi German historical site; Lake Kivu first Rwandan German military post founded in 1898 by a German captain, Berthe then from Shangi, ride the boat to Rusizi though Nkombo Islandthe largest Rwandan island with 22 square Kms, Nkombo population is unique and distinct and its isolation is what preserves the character of the islanders. This incredible journey ends in Kamembe, the southern part of the Lake.

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