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2 Days Walking tour in Nyungwe Forest National Park

2 Days Walking tour in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Forest Walks at Nyungwe National Park

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Day 1:Enjoy a forest walk through the Nyungwe Forest National Park—home to more than 500 chimpanzees, 13 other primate species and over 300 bird species. Later in the day you will enjoy a short walking tour through tea plantations where you will interact with famers, then visit the tea factory to learn about how it is graded and assessed. 

Day 2:For those who are up for it, you will take a moderate walk of 10.6km through Nyungwe to the Kamiranzovu Waterfall. The walk begins atGisakura guest house, routes through the tea plantation into the forest and eventually leads to a small, magical waterfall with excellent views of the forest canopy. Colobus Monkeys, Mangabeys and various other primate species along with many forest dwelling birds will be encountered on the way. After the waterfall walk we will begin the drive back to Kigali and if time allows we will stopover for a canopy walk in the Nyungwe forest. This is the first ever hanging platform which allows birding, primates and chimp tracking safari enthusiasts to view different animal species in Nyungwe forest. This canopy walk tour is the first of its kind of tourism in East Africa and the third of its kind in Africa.

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