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Nyungwe forest national park – rwanda

Nyungwe forest national park – rwanda

Africa’s Mountain Rainforest: The ideal place for adventure! 

Nyungwe rainforest is placed in the southwestern Rwanda, at the border with Burundi, south, and Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Nyungwe rainforest is probably the best preserved rainforest in the mountains throughout Central Africa. It is located in the watershed between the basin of the river Congo to the west and the basin of the river Nile to the east. From the east side of the Nyungwe forest comes also one of the branches of the Nile sources. Nyungwe Forest National Park was established in 2004 and offers a rare and important habitat for many species,especially primates and birds. And at over 1000 km2, Nyungwe is Africa’s largest protected mountain rainforest.

Nyungwe forest has a wide diversity of animal species, making it a priority for conservation in Africa. The forest is situated in a region where several large-scale biogeographical zones meet and the variety of terrestrial biomes provide a great span of microhabitats for many different species of plants and animals.

With about 280 bird species, 25 of which are endemic, Nyungwe is one of the most important — and still undiscovered — birdwatching destinations in Africa. Reaching to almost 3000 meters above sea level with Mount Bigugu the highest point in the Park, Nyungwe’s forests extend to altitudes occupied by few other forests in Africa.

Nyungwe is also home to one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of chimpanzees and a sometimes noisy, acrobatic combination of other primates such as Ruwenzori colobus and L’Hoest’s monkeys.Recorded species of primates inNyungwe Forest include:

Other animals comprise of the leopard, golden cat, serval cat, side-stripped jackal, Genet, African civet, slender and the marsh mongoose which represent the carnivores. There are also three species of duikers, two species of flying squirrels, tree hyrax, and Congo clawless otter. There are over 120 species of butterflies and reptiles including three species of horned chameleons that have been recorded.


Nyungwe forest tourism activities include: Visit Chimpanzees and Primate trekking adventure; Bird; Hiking & walking trails; canopy walk;  Excursions to Kamiranzovu Marsh, Excursions to Lake Kivu and Gisakura tea factory; Climb Mt Bigugu (2950m); Photography; the southernmost source of the Nile and ecotourism attractions. The park includes a colorful array of orchids, butterflies, moths and other insects. As you are going to Nyungwe, you can stop for a moment at:

Genocide memorial of Murambi; Butare –visit the Museum, University, cathedral, arboretum.

Visit the Nyanza King’s Palace, the capital of ancient Rwanda Kingdom is a must.

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