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RUSIZI PARK- Burundi wildilife Tour


Rusizi national park – burundi

Rusizi National Park is the most popular and sought after Burundi tourist attraction. Rusizi National Park in Burundi is commonly known as Parc National de la Rusizi and is situated in the north-west of Bujumbura.

The park is divided into two parts; the larger part lies on the eastern bank of Rusizi River where you have Rusizi delta a point River Rusizi enters Lake Tanganyika.

Tourists normally enjoy a lot in this park as they can explore various unique species of flora and fauna and the environment also supports the existence of these unique species.

Wildlife species in Rusizi National Park include hippopotamus, antelopes and monkeys along with numerous species of colorful birds.

Various species of trees namely the Acacia Albida and Euphorbia candelabrum are found in the northern part of the reserve. Various species of unique birds form an integral part of the Rusizi National Park which makes the park a wonderful Burundi tourist destination.

In Rusizi river there is a mythical story about Gustave the crocodile believed to have mysterious powers.

While the largest Nile crocodiles typically measure something over 20 feet, Gustave supposedly reaches 30 feet; some people who have seen him claim he is 40 feet, teeth to tail. Locals describe how he has devoured fisherman after fisherman, swimmer after swimmer.

During one raid, legend has it, he chomped up more than a dozen people and still seemed hungry at the end of it all.

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