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Rwanda Day Trips & Excursions

Wildlife Tours -Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park

In the morning we will drive you to Volcanoes National Park where you will trek through the forest with expert guides and interact with mountain gorillas in their misty natural habitat. Being so close to these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is an exhilarating and unique wildlife experience. Some groups discover gorillas just minutes after entering the forest, while others take a longer trek. Upon meeting the gorillas you will spend a magical hour observing them eating, playing, speaking, and feeding their young. At the end of the trek we will take you to your destination or hotel of choice.


Wildlife Tour -Golden Monkey Trek

Another highlight of Volcanoes National Park are the Golden Monkeys. The Golden Monkey is a local subspecies of the Sykes Monkey, also known as the “Blue Monkey,” and lives in the high altitude forests of the Volcanoes National Park area. These monkeys are playful and inquisitive. Trekking through the forest you will see them leaping from bamboo branches and frolicking on the forest floor.


Boat ride at the Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Burera

We will drive alongside the shores of Lake Ruhondo, stopping at vista points to take pictures. We’ll explore a majestic cave and underpass and learn about traditional fishing methods after meeting with local people. Then we’ll proceed toward Lake Burera on roads lined with glossy banana trees. We’ll pause along the way to stroll through plantations with endless views and diverse birdlife, and visit the stunning waterfall at Rugezi marsh. At the shining Lake Burera we’ll take a traditional boat or dugout canoe ride to an island for a picnic. The panoramic view of volcanoes, wetland habitat, and graceful water birds make this a dream come true for anyone wanting firsthand exposure to Rwanda’s natural splendor. Later in the afternoon we’ll drive back to Musanze for a peaceful evening shared with local people.


Visit Diane Fossey’s Grave

After breakfast, we will take you to the slopes of the Bisoke Volcano where you will visit the former Karisokecentre and Diane Fossey’s grave. The fantastic views and lush forested slopes provide a stunning backdrop for such a memorable site. After the trek we will drive you to the destination of your choice.

Kigali City Tour

This tour is an easy one to add to your arrival or departure day in Kigali. Kigali is one of the safest and friendliest capital cities in Africa. Its spectacular downtown city center with skyscrapers, fountains, and shopping centers gives you the opportunity to complete all of your arrival or departure shopping needs, eat at international restaurants, and experience Rwanda’s hub of urban life. Your expert tour guide can point out arts and craft centers and/or bring you to the Gisozi Genocide Memorial, a remarkable memorial center that pays testament to the painful past that Rwanda has overcome.




Butare National Museum

Visit the National Museum of Rwanda at Butare, a spacious museum on beautiful grounds and gardens. Inside you will walk through Rwanda’s history, viewing many cultural artifacts, such as masks, spears, pottery, traditional cookware and baskets, mud and straw huts that you can walk into, and photographs from the colonial era on. Afterwards you can walk through the gardens and enjoy Butare’s peaceful scenery.



Visit the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village – Cultural Tour

(With option to stay overnight with a local Rwandan family)

Our cultural tour is a unique opportunity for tourists looking to immerse themselves in Rwandan traditional culture. At the village you will learn all about Rwandan song and dance, and you can even join in the dancing, drumming, and arrow shooting, all while attired in the Umushanana local dress. In addition, you will have the magical experience of attending a traditional healer’s medicine ritual. Your local food and drink includes delicious banana beer and a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes.   Visiting local homes and schools gives you a glimpse into rural ways of life. You will also have the opportunity to visit community projects and cooperatives to see firsthand how your travel with us contributes to making a difference in people’s lives. At the end of the day you will participate in the cultural tradition of Gitaramo, where people share stories, songs, and dances while sitting around a warm fire. You will have the option to spend the night here in traditional houses to experience firsthand the warm hospitality of Rwandan people.