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Tanzania Beaches – East Africa

Tanzania Beaches – East Africa

The Indian Ocean on the shores of East Africa is clear, fresh and sparkling, the coral sands of the islands are soft, white and powdery, the marine life and coral reefs are thriving. In short, these are fabulous beaches… and a perfect itinerary combination after dusty, inland adventuring on safari.  

This glorious Swahili coastline has sands to suit all requirements, whether you wish for action, adventure or desert island calm, whether you prefer air-conditioning or the island breeze, gourmet dining or fresh grilled fish al fresco, glamorous beach glitz or barefoot luxury. All are imbued with a heavily laid-back attitude and the extraordinary turquoise of the ocean provides fabulous colour therapy stress relief – even if you don’t feel like leaping in.

From the water’s edge you can watch the lazy progress of traditional fishing dhows, zig-zagging the horizon beneath billowing lanteen sails, just as they have for many hundreds of years. This is a coastline with a gloriously rich and fascinating history, to be enjoyed even from the comfort of your sunbed!

There is excellent diving on the reefs around the islands, and options for big game fishing from many beach locations, but you should discuss your interests at the time of booking, as the characteristics of each location suit individual tastes.

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